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Craigs F3

This should chronicle the changes being made to Craig's Fiesta Mark 3. As with many of the customers we send parts out to Craig (our Dispatch Co-ordinator) is trying to keep the car on the road at the same time as styling it up, which means that progress is not as fast as it could be because the car has to be legal and drivable at all times.

The car was off the road for a short time whilst the paintwork was completed.

Front and Rear Bumpers only The van started off with a Front and Rear bumper, RST arches/skirts, single wiper and tinted windows. all this was completed without having to take the car off the road.



Front animal Bumper Rear bumper
Arches/Skirts have been fitted For Phase Two the car had to be stripped of all glass, trim, handles and lights.

The entire shell was then sanded, dents filled, and arches/skirts fitted.

Below you can see the roof rails have been removed, along with the feature line next to them. The amount of filler may seem over the top, but this was because the dents were so bad they ran into each other!

Roof rails and feature line removed Arches/skirts fitted and dents removed
Ready to be primed Masked ready for primer
Primer has cured and is ready for flatting Above you can see the arches/skirts have been filled and the shell is masked ready for priming.

In Craigs quest for smoothness the kit has been seamlessly fitted, and even the wing joints welded and filled.

Once the primer has gone off the car is ready for a guide coat of black, and then some serious elbow grease for the flatting.

The thin black guide coat can be seen below and is used to help disclose low spots.

Primed ready for guide coat Guide coated ready for blocking
Blocked ready for repriming ready for final primer and painting
White ground coat The first colour coat is the white ground coat. This is a brilliant white that is the secret to the incredible colour of the finished car. Using the very best paint available anywhere in the world, this white is very very bright.

Next a coat of orange mixed with white is painted (yes I know it looks pink), and then several coats of orange basecoat prior to the clear lacquer.

It orange and white mixed together WOW thats bright
So bright its difficult to photograph If you think it looks bright in the photos you should have tried to paint it - we almost needed sunglasses to manage.

This colour is so bright it is very hard to photograph - its two shades brighter than an dynorod van!!!

After this the Bonnet, Smooth Bootlid, Front and Rear Bumpers and Animal spoiler followed suit.

Just out of the booth and de-masked The Brilliance of the colour has not really come out in the photos - hope to take some better ones soon.
Full Animal F3 kit by Autofashion Full animal F3 kit and DTM mirrors from Autofashion
Full animal F3 kit from Autofashion Temporary number plate - smooth arse
The car is even more impressive when you know that the whole thing was completed in less than a week, by non-bodywork staff using the company equipment in their own time (several overnighters). 

All Craig's efforts were rewarded when he won "most radical" at the May 2002 Mean Street Cruise. Well done Craig.



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